Friday, November 14, 2008

My Tooth Broke On The Affected Side

Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, they did!!! The last tooth on the right side of my face, upper jaw, broke. I started feeling pain and I wasn’t able to eat, the next day I phoned the neurosurgeon to tell him and he said if the tooth is broken and sore its probably infected and he couldn’t do the MVD for me if there’s an infection as this could cause an infection in the brain during surgery. (That’s all I needed to hear) So I had to beg the dentist to see me, because it was such short notice and he was already fully booked, but he did see me and he knew all about TN, infact dentists have to know about TN because the trigeminal nerve endings go into all your teeth. He did a little scan which showed the there was a wisdom tooth above the broken tooth, impacting on the broken tooth because of the way its growing and that’s why the tooth was so brittle. He then said that I need to have my wisdom teeth plus my broken tooth removed surgically and for that I needed to go to an oral surgeon, to have it done in theatre. I was freaking out! I then phoned the Neurosurgeon (who I’m sure by then was sick of me calling for every little thing) he told me that the wisdom teeth have nothing to do with TN and that I should just have the broken tooth removed and go on antibiotics immediately because I only had 4 days left before the op, so I went back to the dentist and asked him just to remove the broken tooth and he said because its broken it will have to be removed surgically and he couldn’t do it. So the next day I ended up going to the Oral surgeon who said there was no need to take me into theatre and he could remove the tooth in the chair under local anesthetic. This went very well. To my surprise being poked with a needle in your gums does not trigger off TN pain at all.

Yeah, so it was quite a mission getting ready for surgery and everything went wrong at once.

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