Thursday, October 23, 2008

Affected Right Eye

Seeing how the TN affected the right side of my face it also affected my right eye. Infact the bottom lid of my right eye is swollen and puffy, it feels like a gland and there’s a white layer inside the corner of that eye above the gland. My Neurologist recommended I see a Ophthalmologist but all she did was tell me that I had an eye infection and gave me eye ointment. This didn’t help, all it did was blur my vision for a while. In December 2007 when I had all the TN attacks, I decided to see a GP about my eye because it would get quite sore and swollen after and during the attacks. He gave me voltaren eye drops and some other eye drops that really helped, but I guess it was just too much work amongst all the other meds I had to remember to take. So I still have this bad eye, infact heres a pic of it that I took 2 months ago. If anyone has any information as to whether this is a result of the Neuralgia please let me know. My current Neurologist / Professor says it’s a result of the TN pain.

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