Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My First Attack

I started this blog to share my experience with anyone who would like to understand this disease better in order to help themselves or others. My journey through this disease has been challenging and unforgettable.

It all started when I was only 19, I was in bed with what felt like the most horrific toothache. My eyes were bloodshot and the pain lasted for almost the whole night. I was rushed to an emergency ward where i was told that I could have a tumor because my teeth were fine so it definitely wasn't a toothache. They gave me a voltaren injection which numbed my face immediately, but the pain was back 20 minutes later.

I still didn't believe them and went to the dentist were I had scans done and my teeth were fine. However on the scan the dentist noticed that the right side of my face was very light in comparison to the normal dark patches that were on the left, he asked me if I had sinus problems, which I didn't.

I was then referred to a cardiologist to check whether my heart was pumping enough blood to the brain, and my heart was fine.

My GP then put me on anti-depressants but didn't really tell me what was wrong or what the medication was or could help with. There wasn't really much pain after that although I did notice that chewing on the right was an absolute no-no and couldn't help thinking that it was a toothache and nothing else.

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