Friday, October 3, 2008

My First Neurologist Appointment

I had managed to do research about this "Trigeminal Neuralgia" that the doc spoke about and I had every symptom.I knew it was what I had so when I saw the neurologist I basically diagnosed myself, I had MRI's done and they didn't show any abnormalities. 90% of the time MRI's and Angiograms don't show anything touching the trigeminal nerve causing the illness because it is usually as minute as a strand of hair. She however had no doubt either that this is what I had. She then told me why my GP put me on antidepressants - this is because it helps calm the central nervous system down and thus minimizes pain. She tried a stronger antidepressant on me, which caused me to fall asleep at my desk at work, so she then tried Neurontin on me, only 200mg's a day which worked just fine.


  1. moneyHi I love the blog, I really feel for you I suffer with face pain but I have no Clue what causes mine, I too have a appointment with a neurologist about my pain I have been put on 10mg of amatrip and diclofenac I find they are not really helping me so much, Id love to be able to identify the pain it has took over my life in so many ways, It has made me depresed I too have just turnt 23.

  2. Hi Tony, So sorry to hear of your pain... I am 25 going to be 26 soon... did you manage to read the rest of my blog, that was one of the very first articles that I wrote, in search of answers, I have found allot of useful information in my journey with Trigeminal Neuralgia, please read on if you can, or if you have any questions I'd be happy to try help...Hope the Neurologist you see can help you manage your pain and finds the cause. This definitely does cause depression but stay hopeful and surround yourself with positive caring people... :) a good support system is what you need, you should try sign up to daily strength's trigeminal neuralgia support group online, the link is on my blog... hope to hear from you soon!

  3. I have classical migraines and was diagnosed with TN since 2009. Apparently, we are in an exclusive club being in under 40 having this affliction. I'm 33. According to my Neuro, I'm the first case he's seen in over 30 years...Currently I am on 90mg's of Topamax and have been diagnosed with bilateral TN. It seems that tegretol may be my next step because topamax isn't working as effectively. This is one of the worst disorders in the world and sometimes it's like nothing helps.