Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal - Pain-blocks Shut down Respiratory System

February 2009... My wisdom's were impacted and putting pressure on my entire jaw and causing trigeminal neuralgia pain... I was sent to an Oral surgeon who said that I had to remove the wisdom's in theatre. I was worried that this operation would trigger off the TN attacks, I consulted my doctor who said that it shouldn't trigger it off but either way I had to remove them because they were already causing the nerves to go haywire.

I had them removed and after the operation as I suspected, the TN was back to torture me... I went to my Professor for pain-blocks (injections into the nerve to numb the pain and calm the nerves and stop the cycle of attacks), I couldn't wait for him to book me in and give me anesthetic before administering the pain-blocks so I asked the Professor to give them to me in his consulting rooms, he injected me on the left and gave me a minute to take it in... And then he injected me on the right... I started seeing spots and I knew I was about to black out...

Hours later I woke up not remembering what had happened or where I was... I had never been in this room before, the curtains the beds the nurses, nothing looked familiar; I thought I was dreaming... I could see a big clock on the wall... looking at the time but not being able to find any pieces of the day to put together in my mind... I was in my underwear and just a top, I could see a heart monitor... and I could hear the beeping of the machines around me... it was very bright in the room...curtains on either side of me I could only see straight ahead into the hall way... I had a pipe down my throat that was helping me breath, I started to panic not knowing were I was... was this all just a bad dream, I tried to breathe but the pipe that was in my throat was pumping air in at the same time... and I started to chock, but I couldn't get the nurses attention... I thought that was the end of me, I would chock and no one would see... my hands were tied to the bed... so I couldn't remove the pipes myself or press a button for help, but I was struggling as hard as I could to get free…

Next thing I looked up and there my husband walked in... I was pointing to my throat as best as I could with my arms tied to the sides of the bed... he immediately understood I was choking and called the nurse and then I saw my Professor who came over and pulled out the pipe that was so deep into my throat... was good to breathe again on my own without all the confusion but the pain in my throat from the pipe and the feeling of it being pulled out so fast made me throw up... I'm sure I saw blood... I was crying and asking what happened... they explained to me that after the second pain block in the right side of my neck my respiratory system shut down and they rushed me to ICU where they hooked me up to oxygen machines and so on... the Professor could not explain why the pain blocks did this to me... I had had them many times before the only thing that was different about this time was that 6 months prior I had been for Microvascular Decompression where the surgeon said that my Trigeminal nerves were already damaged, discolored and being choked by arachnoids (protective layers) the surgeon could only scrape the nerve in hopes that it would heal and regenerate again... could this be the reason why the pain block injection into that nerve caused my respiratory system to shut down... was it because it was damaged and also scraped... and the fluid that was injected into it now was not safe, the Professor could not answer my questions but one thing was clear... I could not get pain-block treatments anymore as it was now too dangerous... not knowing whether I would wake up from the comma the next time around... So all hope was lost... no more treatment... only medication which never helped at all... no answers... only pain.

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